Feb 17, 2009


where am i ?

well, beside my new activities as a husband, i also just finished my 2 new websites.
1. jlyfsh.com (website for clothings)
2. iklaninaja.com (classifieds ads website)

so i started again folks :) fire it up..

Thailand, October 2007..

Feb 20, 2008

collecting dollars..

hi all.. wow.. so sorry i'm not posting in a few days ago..
lots of agenda for me.. such as;

1. work n also waiting salary payment from my office :'-(
2. preparing my marriage :x luv u so much beibe..
3. got sick :'(
4. and save for the last,
i get a new spirit from my friends :D

"life is so short.."
so why don't you fill it up with mind-fuel.net ;) wupsss :D

when i posting this, i allready to try few websites, offcourse to collect a money for my next kin..

copy it and check them out.. relaxed.. not referral links :D

1. ft-mails.com
2. gowellup.com
3. pcash.info
4. fourleafclovermail.com
5. numenmail.com
6. 1-800-mail.com
7. trucards.com (free credit cards 4 everyone :) i hope soo..hehe

well, last time i check and log in with my account.. and clicking their menus, i'm suggesting to you to try no 5 until 7.. (Oh My God, i love no.7) well.. c u again folks..

is this like invitation for u guys ? hehe..

design by my friend; affi, http://susahbikinjelek.blogspot.com

Feb 3, 2008

traveller architect

this is my latest design for t-shirt..
traveller architect..
only IDR 70.000,- for Indonesia area right now.. (free shipping cost)

Jan 29, 2008

SOEHARTO, 1921-2008

Terlepas dari segala kontroversi dan kasus hukum yg mengenai beliau, Mind-Fuel.net mengucapkan turut berduka cita atas meninggalnya mantan Presiden Republik Indonesia kita, Bapak Soeharto. Semoga beliau diterima di sisi-Nya.

Jan 18, 2008

Biennale Jogja IX-2007 -exhibition

few photos from biennale jogja IX - 2007 exhibition.
taman budaya jogja, jogja national museum, sangkring art space.. catch em all before Jan 28th at Jogja Never Ending Asia, and trully Indonesia =)

my title: different time, different war.. :p

by: dagadu djokdja
my title: marilyn monroe in kebaya ?